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Tiziano accommodation


Hotel Tiziano is situated in Rome's historic city-centre, just a short distance from many of the city's major attractions including Navona Square, the Pantheon, the Imperial Forum and the Colosseum. The hotel is housed in a splendid, fully refurished Patrician building..


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Avonmore Hotel

Conveniently located in the heart of London, in a quiet residential street in Kensington district, the Avonmore Hotel is a small, yet welcoming hotel set in a charming Victorian building. The property,


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5 Star Italy

Luxury five star stays in Italy - Rome, Milan - Staying at Ritz, Westin, Regency.


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Four star stays in Czech Republic - Prague - Carlton, Best Western, Astoria.


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Four and Five star stays in Portugal - Albufeira, Funchal & more - Pestana, Windsor, Savoy.



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Budget two & three star stays in Italy - Rome, Milan and more - Holiday Hill, Excelsior.


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Budget two & three star stays in Switzerland - Basel, Geneva and more - Swiss, Quality, Astoria.


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Budget two & three star stays in Greece - Athens, Caravel, Solimar.



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